Waddington Europe – Trade Waste Customer

1.Can you give a brief description of your business?  

-Manufacture of plastic packing goods.

2.How did you hear about our waste services?

– Google search looking for participants to our RFQ

3.What challenges/problems necessitated a change in waste contractor? 

-Poor Service for our incumbent

4.What made our waste solution stand out?

-Initiative waste steam ideas & competitive pricing

5.How has our waste solution helped since rollout?

-Waddington Europe are zero waste to landfill

-Reduced collections out of our compactor due to lights that inform when the machine is almost full, prevented it being collected before it is full.

-Streamlined waste system.

6.What have you been most impressed with?



-Ease of account management.

7.Has our waste solution saved money / increased business productivity?

-Massively, mainly the outcome of project zero resulting in zero to landfill.


26th February 2021


Call us on 01453 822227