Strickland MFG – Trade Waste customer

  1. Can you give a brief description of your business? Manufacture and supply of ground contact construction equipment- excavator buckets and hitches
  2. How did you hear about our waste services? Word of mouth
  3. What challenges/problems necessitated a change in waste contractor? Needed regular and reliable collections and a clear channel of communication
  4. What made our waste solution stand out? Reputation and presentation
  5. How has our waste solution helped since rollout? We have regular and reliable service, can contact a warm body if we have a question and instead of being a time-consuming operation, waste is now seamlessly dealt with -it helps our productivity because we literally don’t have to worry about collections.
  6. What have you been most impressed with? The reliability and speed of response to requests
  7. Has our waste solution saved money / increased business productivity? As above- it has saved time and management resources

28th January 2021


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