Severn Valley Woodworks – Trade Waste Customer

1.Can you give a brief description of your business? Severn Valley Woodworks work in collaboration with a number of key partners and customers to provide a bespoke manufacturing service.  We provide a full timber supplies range from machine profiled timber, crop storage solutions, bespoke building structures to a range of garden furniture. Relationships that have been built up over many years based on confidentiality and integrity, but in no small part based on the knowledge, skill, and expertise that Severn Valleys’ work force can offer.

2.How did you hear about our waste services? An approach from Smiths to discuss your waste management services and opportunity for business.

3.What challenges/problems necessitated a change in waste contractor? No real problems. Smiths offered an opportunity to investigate improvements and look at cost improvements

4.What made our waste solution stand out? No specific reasons. The opportunity to revisit our circumstances, refresh our waste management and recycling responsibilities and efficiencies and a potential fresh start. Rebranding and reinforcing waste responsibilities was also an opportunity from changing providers.

5.How has our waste solution helped since rollout? Regular and reliable collections. Good communication from Smiths.

6.What have you been most impressed with? Customer contact and responses.

7.Has our waste solution saved money / increased business productivity? The proposal and costings identified an opportunity for us to reduce our costs. We are in the first year of our contract so realising the cost savings is yet to be proven.


28th January 2021


Call us on 01453 822227