CLA Game Fair 2015

Client: CLA

Location: Harewood House, Leeds

Durations: 3 days, 28 members of staff

Attendees: 150,000 (5,000 of which were camping on site)

Smiths Event Waste Management Team provided 600 wheelie bins, 4 RCV’s (waste collection lorries) and 4 Groundhog/ Gators (4×4 small tractor vehicles) with trailers to ensure that the site was kept clean throughout set up, event days and breakdown. Smiths ensured that the site was prepared for the expected 1500 Exhibitors and 150,000 visiting public during the 3 day events.

During the 4 days prior to the event the Smiths team collected waste from contractors and stall holders, as well as siting wheelie bins in various locations across the showground and campsite. Throughout the event days the 28 man team collected waste and litter picked thoroughly to ensure that the event site was kept clean and tidy. At the end of each day the 600 wheelie bins were emptied and the RCV’s were taken to a nearby recycling facility.

The show ended on the evening of Sunday 2nd August and from then until Wednesday 5th the whole site was completed cleared of all waste generated during the breakdown period with the team constantly litter picking and collecting bulk waste with the RCV’s. Harewood House was then restored to a pre-show level of cleanliness. The Smiths Event Waste Management team left site Wednesday 5th August.

The Smiths team efforts and proactive approach meant that there were no issues that needed to be dealt with throughout the event. This was recognised by one of the CLA organisers who stated “we forgot you were even on site” and commended us for doing such a thorough and excellent job.

Smiths Gloucester Ltd Event Waste Management

Waste Management

19th August 2015


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