Netheridge Annex

Client: Costain

Location: Netheridge Sewage Treatment Works, Gloucester

Project Manager: Daren Parsons

Duration: 10 days

Project Overview – Four operatives from Smiths Demolition team were challenged with dismantling and disposing of nine redundant exhaust outlets from the engines which had been removed from Netheridge Sewage Treatment Works, Gloucester. They had previously been used as a backup if power failed to the main pumps. The dismantling process involved chain lifting blocks, pallet trucks and an overhead crane.

Scope of Work – The operatives attached the chain blocks to the overhead beams and placed the lifting chains around a section of the exhaust and took the weight of the exhaust outlet before removing the bottom section of the exhaust, which contained a chrysotile asbestos gasket. The gasket was removed and sealed in double bags then disposed of at Smiths Waste Management’s licensed disposal site at Moreton Valence. The operatives¬† then lowered the whole exhaust outlet which stood at about nine metres tall onto the ground. The chains were then placed around the next joint and the exhaust outlet was lifted slightly to allow the operatives to remove the bolts with held the next section of exhaust in place.

The operatives worked their way up each exhaust outlet and dismantled each section as they worked. Once each section was removed, they were lifted onto two pallet trucks and taken to the main area where the overhead crane was used to lift and place each section into the skip for disposal at Moreton Valence.

The manager for MEICA, Mark O’Dea, commented “I would like to say thanks for the work that Smiths carried out at Netheridge over the last two weeks. Demolition work is difficult at the best of times, but the enclosed area and awkward nature of the work to remove the equipment in the Annex area made it more difficult. The site team worked well and followed all of Costain procedures without any issues. Your site supervisor, Andy Westacott, was very switched on and directed things in a professional manner.”

“During a site SHE inspection the Costain SHE adviser commended the way your team were working also. Thank you once again for all your efforts”.

7th September 2015


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