Low Loaders and Hiab



Smiths Plant Hire and Low Loader

Smith’s (Gloucester) Ltd are the premier choice for low loader hire and rental. We supply low loaders both short and long term and for one-off jobs. We can offer a full UK service for businesses, factories, events and retail. We are fully insured as one of Gloucestershire’s leading transport companies.

Abnormal Loads

Smiths provides a professional abnormal heavy haulage load handling and forwarding service. The movement of abnormal loads is the cornerstone of Smiths low loader business. As machinery and plant becomes more sophisticated there is a need to be able to blend the services of both abnormal load movements and general plant movements.

Each abnormal transportation requirement is unique and requires knowledge and attention to detail to ensure that the most secure and effective movement is provided to satisfy Smiths and the clients requirements.

Abnormal load

Our experienced operators are available to provide help and advice for your domestic transportation requirements including the following:

  • Route surveys
  • Freight shipping and road haulage permits, escort vehicles, attendants, authority notifications

Hiab Lorry

Our HIAB 658 EP-6 HIPRO enables us to move containers and welfare units with ease. The Hiab’s max lifting capacity is 10,900kgs with a maximum reach of 16.9m.

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