Laser Levelling

What we offer

Our equipment has paid dividends in the preparation of new sports pitches as a level playing surface can be achieved cost effectively. Our experienced teams each specialising in different areas of the sector. Smiths extensive services are available on their own or as a complete solution to your site levelling needs.

Smiths Laser Levelling was the first of its type in England. We acquired this technology to offer our customers the most cost effective solution in large scale site preparation and the optimisation of increasingly expensive aggregates and cover material.

Lazer Dozer

Smiths state of the art dozer has been fitted with a dual control system that constantly and automatically manages both the lift and tilt of the machine blade to maintain the desired grade level. This system can be used to prepare ground formation, capping stone and final grade aggregates. The machine has the ability to cut and fill as part of its working action.

Compact Leveller

This laser control system can be operated on a level plane, single or dual grade. The tolerances we can achieve when levelling Type 1 is +/- 5mm giving huge potential in saving on concrete, stone or tarmac. With this system we can carry out specialist operations such as the levelling of the final grade to industrial floorslab, sports pitches and no fines aggregates.

Organisation and Efficiency

With the ability to prepare large areas of stone/ sand blinding very efficiently and accurately, up to 3200m2 per day.

  • Industrial


    Smiths Laser Levelling services can be utilised for the following:

    • Industrial Sites
    • Building Sites
    • Finishing Grading
    • Cut & Fill Operations
    • Material Balancing
    • Road Construction

    The compact levelling system has  the added advantage of operating in reverse. Therefore we are also able to level single size aggregates, as well as not leaving any ‘track’ marks in the stone, damaging pile caps or penetrating any sand blinding which we are levelling. Our rates include the stone preparation, all edge work to the area being levelled, compaction and transport costs.

    Smiths operate a nationwide service that is proven to dramatically increase the productivity and accuracy of the site levelling, whilst making remarkable savings on labour and material costs.

    Our industrial contracts include; Land Rover, B&Q and Sainsbury Distribution Centre and have been from 500m2 to 80,000m2.

    For further information please contact 01453 822227 or email here.

  • Sports Field Development

    Sports Field Development

    Smiths Laser Levelling has developed an enviable record in producing high quality sports grounds nationwide.

    Utilising their Laser Dozer and Compact Levelling technology, Smiths can achieve very high levels of accuracy in sports ground construction. This equipment has also paid dividends in the preparation of new sports pitches as a level playing surface can be achieved cost effectively.