BASC Gamekeepers’ Fair 2016


Client: BASC Gamekeepers’ Fair

Location: Catton Park, Derbyshire

Duration: 2 days

Equipment Supplied:

4 x Recycling Stations

90 x 240L bins


Project Overview:

Smiths Waste Management supplied equipment and three members of staff to dispose of the waste created by thousands of exhibitors and members of the public at the BASC Gamekeepers’ Fair 2016 .

The recycling stations were set up across the park along with the remaining wheelie bins. Smiths recycling stations allowed people to segregate their waste into four main groups: plastics, mixed paper and card, glass bottles and cans and general and food waste.

At the end of the weekend the waste was transported to Smiths Waste Management Recycling Centre in Gloucestershire to be put through a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF). In the week following the event the Centre achieved a recycling rate of 74%.



21st April 2016


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