Frampton Country Fair, 2015

Client: Frampton Country Fair

Location: Frampton Court Estate, Gloucestershire

Duration: 1 day, 5 members of staff

Attendees: 13,000

Project Overview – Frampton Country Fair took place on Sunday 13th September 2015 at Frampton Court Estate. Smiths Event Waste Management team were on hand to cover all waste management needs throughout all 30 acres of the park during the Country Fair.

Scope of Work – Smiths deployed several recycling stations (4 bins on each station) and 80 wheelie bins located around the fair with 2 RCVs being used to collect the waste. 5 members of staff were present from 7.00am to 8.00pm to ensure that the site was free of litter during the day and that all of the bins were emptied when the event had finished.

The fair has been running for 28 years and attracts more than 13,000 visitors each year and is comprised of over 400 exhibitors. With visitors and exhibitors the waste management needs of the fair are extensive.


30th September 2015


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