Additional Waste Services

Smiths Waste Management has a comprehensive fleet of vehicles and equipment to satisfy the waste management requirements of our customers.

Ranging from 240 litre wheeled bins to 44 ton articulated lorries, Smiths has the capability to deliver the service that the customer requires.

  • Compactors


    If you produce high volumes of light industrial and commercial compactable waste streams, you may want to consider using a Smiths Compactor. A compactor, as the name suggests, compacts waste products down to less than half their original bulk.

    The main advantage of a compactor is the reduction in waste volume which will inevitably reduce your transport movements compared to standard, traditional, permanently sited skips.

    The key performance benefits that a compactor will offer are:

    • Portable compactors are all fully enclosed and more hygienic vessels
    • The volume of waste is reduced to a fraction of its original size
    • Smaller carbon footprint is achieved by fewer movements
    • All compactors are placed on a scheduled collection service
    • We provide you with full documentation to comply with all relevant legislations
    • We provide on site training, risk assessments and method statements

    Compactors are specialist pieces of equipment and, as such should be used for the following types of waste only:

    • Food waste
    • General waste including paper, cardboard, etc.
    • Dry non-hazardous waste
    • Industrial and commercial waste


  • End of Life Vehicles

    End of Life Vehicles

    Since Summer 2015 our Moreton Valence depot has been home to an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) for end of life vehicles. The ATF workshop is fitted with bespoke equipment and our employees have been trained in the removal and storage of fuel, the de-commissioning of explosive airbags and the whole depollution process.

    The depollution sequence includes the following:

    • Remove – battery, fuel filler cap, oil filler cap and tyres
    • De-gas air conditioning unit
    • Drain – engine oil, oil filter, transmission oil, coolant, washer fluid, brake/ clutch fluid, shock absorbers and fuel tank
    • Deploy air bags

    The licence was awarded in July 2015 by the Environment Agency and Smiths are now registered to issue Certificates of Destruction COD’s) by the DVLA.

    We also have an eBay shop where spare vehicle parts can be purchased. Click here to visit the website.


  • Grab Hire

    Grab Hire

    Smiths 6-8 wheeled grab lorries offer the following features and benefits:

    • 16T payload for muck away, hardcore, concrete, soil, clay, green waste and other dry wastes
    • Able to deliver a variety of bagged and loose materials
    • An alternative to skips and machines
    • Able to deliver aggregates and soils out and take waste material back
    • Suitable for wait and load situations with 20-30 minute typical loading time
    • Suitable for the collection of 1T waste bags, including plasterboard bags
    • Waste carrier licence and disposed at licensed premises and recycled appropriate ensure a complete duty of care process.

    Fully insured to operate on the public highway with an experience driver/ operator.

  • Hazardous Waste

    Hazardous Waste

    Waste is considered as hazardous when one or more of its properties can be harmful to either individuals or to the environment. Smiths takes its responsibilities very seriously when handling and disposing of hazardous waste. All such products must not be disposed of in general waste containers. They must be separated and removed to specialist hazardous waste management sites. Smiths is licensed to handle and transport hazardous waste.

    The list of products now classified as hazardous is comprehensive and varied. For more information on identifying hazardous products a document called the European Waste Catalogue is published through the Environment Agency.

    Smiths Guide to Hazardous Waste

    Asbestos – Smiths have long been recognised as experts in the field of asbestos removal and disposal. With our background in construction and demolition we have a team of experienced and trained staff who have the knowledge and the equipment to safely remove and dispose of your asbestos waste. Smiths can also provide various sizes of sealed containers for onward transfer to licensed disposal sites.

    Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) – As a result of recent legislation, WEEE can no longer be disposed of in general waste streams. All WEEE must now be removed to an approved transfer station for recycling.

    As a user of electrical and electronic equipment it is your responsibility to dispose of your WEEE in accordance with legislation. Smiths Waste Management can advise you and assist you with this task. We will bring to your attention all the relevant legislation and advise you on the implications of correct disposal.

    WEEE includes the following items:

    • Freezers
    • Televisions
    • IT equipment
    • Laptops
    • Toasters
    • Kettles
    • Videos
    • DVD players
    • Air Conditioning Units

    It is not limited to these products and our advisors can audit your business to identify your WEEE requirements and arrange for disposal.

    Confidential Waste

    Smiths Waste Management recognises the sensitivity and high priority of the destruction of confidential waste. We offer a range of services for this important area including shredding and complete destruction. Our confidential waste service includes the destruction of classified documents, data storage devices and magnetic tape.

    Clinical Waste

    Clinical waste is healthcare waste that may prove hazardous to those that may come into contact with it. There are stringent controls in place to ensure that clinical waste is managed safely and is recovered or disposed of without harming the environment or human health. The relevant legislation place those responsible for the generation of clinical waste under a duty of care to ensure that the waste is managed and disposed of safely and is only transferred to authorised operator.

    Smiths Waste Management is authorised to collect all forms of clinical waste. Our experienced advisors are on hand to provide guidance on storage and disposal of clinical waste in a managed environment.

  • Hook Bins

    Hook Bins

    Hook bins offer the following features:

    • Bulky dry waste
    • Compacted waste
    • Open and enclosed hook bins for general and/or hazardous waste
    • Enclosed hook bins for static waste compactors
    • Flexible pricing to suit the waste stream
    • Next day or scheduled collection services
    • Rear end or over the side loading, depending on the waste stream and physical site conditions

    We have the following hook bins available:

    • 15 yard – ideal for heavy inert waste – soil, brick, concrete.
    • 20 yard – ideal for light or medium weight general waste.
    • 25 yard – ideal for light or medium weight general waste.
    • 40 yard – ideal for large bulky mixed waste, including furniture, green waste, pallets etc.
    • 35 yard enclosed – ideal for hazardous waste – asbestos – or for added security on sensitive sites.
    • Special application hook bins – both open and enclosed hook bins can be fabricated to specific customer requirement. They can accommodate a wide range of segregated waste – cardboard, glass bottles, tins, news and pamphlets with letter box and push ring holes.

    Click here to order a hook bin

  • Man with a Van

    Man with a Van

    Man with a van is a flexible alternative to skips for smaller loads of mixed and single source waste from domestic and business locations. Smiths offer a range of vehicles including 3.5 tonne caged and boxed vehicles.

    Man with a van offers the following features and benefits:

    • Flexibility offering full load, part load and or per item services
    • Able to operate in areas of limited access where a skip would not fit
    • Suitable for bulky loads such as timber, cardboard, windows, office waste, fly tipped waste, green waste, bagged waste, furniture, household and general waste
    • Tail-lift to aid loading and unloading of wheeled and bulky waste
    • Licensed to carry hazardous waste in waste drums, double bagged asbestos, plasterboard and electrical WEEE goods
    • Next day service
    • All waste is taken to licensed sites for recycling and or disposal
  • National Waste Collection

    National Waste Collection

    Smiths Waste Management offers a National waste collection service throughout the UK. Our network of accredited partner service providers has been built up over many years and offers a complete supply chain delivering an excellent seamless service nationwide.

    The key benefits of Smiths National Waste Collection service are:

    1. A single point of contact
    2. Competitive price and best value
    3. Total Waste Management reporting

    If you are a multi-site operation requiring a truly national service then we are the right waste management company for you.

  • Rear End Containers

    Rear End Containers

    Rear End Loader waste collection service offers the following features and benefits:

    • Comprehensive range of waste containers available from 6 to 16 cubic yards
    • Collections can be scheduled on a regular basis
    • Suitable for lightweight compactable waste including packaging waste, food waste, black bags, office waste, furniture waste
    • Waste containers are secure and can be lockable
    • Easy to load using the sloping front or rear facing doors


  • Recycled Aggregate & Topsoil

    Recycled Aggregate & Topsoil

    Recycled Aggregate

    Smiths Waste Management and Recycling are committed to providing customers with sustainable high quality secondary aggregates and have invested heavily in modern, efficient plant and equipment supported by experienced trained staff, to produce a wide range of products at its Aggregate Recycling Facility at Moreton Valence. We crush, screen and test our recycled product range in accordance with the WRAP Quality Protocol, which is the recognised environmental standard aimed at compliance to the British Standards.

    Our main recycled product range includes sub-bases, Recycled Crushed Hardcore 6F5 and Recycled Crushed Concrete Type 1; however with the extensive range of Crushing and Screening equipment and the proactive attitude of the staff we are able to supply a wide variety of different grades and types of materials.


    We accept, store and screen our topsoil to remove lumps, stones and detritus material, this makes it easy to handle whether that’s by machine or rake to ensure you get the highest quality topsoil. Smiths have recently achieved the British Standard quality for their topsoil meeting the requirements of BS3882: 2007 multipurpose topsoil specification.

  • Scrap Metal

    Scrap Metal

    Smith’s (Gloucester) Ltd operates a Ferrous & Non Ferrous recycling facility at their Moreton Valence depot in Gloucester.  It is a fully licensed and an accredited ELV Treatment Facility. A dedicated team with a wealth of experience are there to assist you from scrapping large farm equipment to simply recycling your old wheel barrow.

    Top prices paid for all Ferrous & Non Ferrous scrap metal with immediate payment of either cheque or Bacs. Identification is required, photo card driving licence or passport together with a utility bill or document that has your address on.

    We have a 50 ton digital weighbridge and digital scales on site to accurately weigh all grades of scrap. A static Lefort shear is used to process all Ferrous grades ready for re-sale directly to the UK Steel Mills or export.

    Ferrous grades we purchase:

    • Demolition/ OA
    • Heavy Shearing
    • Light Iron
    • Basic

    Non-Ferrous grades we purchase:

    • Clean Copper Tube
    • Bright Wire
    • Braziery
    • Brass Mixed
    • Electric Motors
    • Electric Cables
    • Aluminium
    • Stainless Steel
    • Lead Acid Batteries

    These lists are not exhaustive.

    Deliveries are welcome, we also offer a collection service from a Man & Van, Skips, Roro’s or Artic Bulkers.

  • Sweeper


    To compliment the extensive fleet of specialist road-going vehicles Smiths Transport provides ‘Road Sweepers’ at competitive rates.

    The sweeper fleet has vehicles equipped to remove debris from highways and have gully sucking equipment and high pressure jetting equipment to remove or clear minor blockages and obstructions within road drains.

    All tipping of Sweepers takes place at our Moreton Valence depot which, is registered to accept sweeper risings, giving the customer an assurance that the waste is disposed of safely and legitimately.

  • Waste Bags

    Waste Bags

    We know that it is not always convenient or cost effective to hire a skip for small loads or jobs. With this in mind Smiths has developed the ‘Waste Bag’ for just these occasions. Buy it from your local outlet and when it’s full just give us a call and arrange collection at a time convenient to you.

    Waste bags are a practical alternative to skips for smaller waste loads and sites and domestic locations with limited access.

    Smiths Waste Bags offer the following features and benefits:

    • Suitable for general household garage, shed, roof clearance and garden green waste
    • Ideal for limited volumes of single source waste such as plasterboard on building sites
    • The empty bag is very easy to obtain – can be purchased form builders merchants or telephone purchased from Smiths and delivered within 24 hours