Waste Management

Smiths Waste Management operate at bespoke waste transfer stations throughout the South West and South Wales. With centres in Moreton Valence, Tewkesbury, Bristol and Cardiff, Smiths is committed to recycling in our region.

Smiths Materials Recycling Facility at Moreton Valence in Gloucestershire processes all the waste products generated by the activities of our Divisions across the group. From aggregates, steel and soils generated by Demolition projects, to household and general waste from Smiths Skip Hire customers, our vehicles transport to the facility. The state-of-the art machinery and equipment at the site sorts and bales the waste into product that we can return to the supply chain.

Diversion from landfill is an economical and efficient way to deal with waste and our processes allow us to recycle an average 85% of waste delivered to the gate. This figure compares very favourably with a national average of 65% and a regional average of 70%. Clean waste streams such as plastics and metals boast a 100% recycling rate.

What we collect and process:

  • Domestic and co-mingled waste collections
  • Single source recyclable materials collections
  • Paper (news and pamphlets and office white)
  • Cardboard
  • Plastics (hard and soft)
  • Metals (ferrous and non-ferrous)
  • Glass (bottles and plate)
  • Compostable waste (green)
  • Timber (processed and clean)
  • Plasterboard and gypsum based material
  • Aggregate and Soils Specialist and Hazardous Waste

Smiths Waste Management has the capability to service every waste need. Whether you are a householder in need of a skip and some advice on removing waste or a commercial organisation with a requirement for Trade Waste Management planning, Smiths experience team can provide you with professional and friendly guidance with service designed to meet your needs.

Customer Service

Once you have become a Smiths customer you can rest assure that Smiths will deliver the service that we promise. As we get to know you better we will tailor our service to the changing requirements of your business. This service will include monitoring key performance indicators, keeping abreast of compliance to legislation, making proposals for improving waste generation, recycling and monitoring cost and quality control. Smiths can also ensure that your business’ recycling and waste collection complies with TEEP regulations which have changed since 01 January 2015. For further information on TEEP regulations please click here – TEEP

Our ultimate aim is to become an indispensable partner for your business where you rely upon us as an environmental steward valuing the contribution that we can make to your organisation.

Environmentally Aware

As a company involved in recycling we have to be aware of the environment around us. For this reason and to ensure we practise what we preach, Smiths has developed an Environmental Agenda. Constantly under review and a benchmark for performance, the Environmental Agenda is a firm statement of our commitment to continuous improvement.