Drain Services


Smiths Drain Services

Smiths have been unblocking, laying, servicing and repairing drains as part of its award-winning construction service for over a decade.

With investment  and expansion we are now able to offer a dedicated Drain Services team who are set up to deal with a range of projects sizes from residential emergencies through to large commercial requirements, there is no job too big or small. We pride ourselves on our ability to go above and beyond the expectations of our customers.

Our specialist equipment enables us to carry out CCTV surveys prior to commencement of works.


  • Jetting Units

    Jetting Units

    Flexible, Adabtable and Powerful

    Smith’s jetting is a key facet of our service package. Our dedicated jetting vehicles have the following features:

    • Custom built for the job
    • 3500L on board water tank
    • 4000psi pressure to clear/ clean stubborn jobs
    • Spray bar fitted for dust suppression/ cleaning
    • Lance attachment for cleaning
    • Small enough to get into most sites
    • 100m length of hose with 20m leader hose to get to the blockage
    • Fully trained and certified operators
    • Root cutting equipment on board
    • Full solution provider, even if we have to completely relay the entire drain system to a property
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  • CCTV Units

    CCTV Units

    Fully Equipped Survey Vehicles

    Smiths CCTV surveying offers a comprehensive suite of reports examples of which can be found here:

    • 100mm to main sewer pipe diameters can be surveyed
    • DVD production for site commissioning/ insurance requirements/ fault identification
    • Identify the cause of the problem precisely before any action is taken
    • Contract inspection to ensure your drains remain fully functioning
    • Preventative maintenance programme rather than reactive service where required
    • Confined access equipped with trained, certified operators

    CCTV Imaging – Smiths Drains utilises its detailed imaging within its comprehensive reporting process.

    CCTV Video Reporting – Video is a very important part of our daily work. We have a fully equipped Video Services Vehicle which produces hi quality video images which we use both for inspection and reporting purposes.

    CCTV Reporting – As part of our CCTV Surveys we produce comprehensive written reports supported by details, images and where appropriate video recording. Please click here to view an example of a full report for an existing drain system.


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  • Gully Suckers

    Gully Suckers

    Clearing and Disposal

    Specialist vehicles and safe disposal :

    • Six Gully Suckers in fleet
    • One dedicated Foul Water vehicle
    • Disposal completed internally
    • Licensed site at Smiths Moreton Valence facility
    • Foul disposed of at Severn Trent Site
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  • Deep Water / Confined Spaces

    Deep Water / Confined Spaces

    A specialist team for a specialist job

    When the task becomes technical and the environment becomes challenging our specialist team comes into its own:

    • Confined space trained
    • Enclosed drains covered
    • Tank cleaning services
    • Dive team

    Smith’s has a dedicated team who specialise in confined space entry situations. These jobs not only require specialist knowledge of drains, but also a huge investment in training, certification, safe operating practices and equipment. Often on full breathing apparatus and entering hazardous environments where there is risk of explosion and biological contaminants, our team can keep going where other drain service provides have to stop. Typical jobs for this team include but are not limited to culvert inspection and clearance, mainline sewer surveying, tank cleaning and deep drain surveys. Where other teams have to turn away, this specialised team has the ability, the equipment and determination to keep going until the job is completed.

  • Cleaning Services

    Cleaning Services

    From car parks to patios we have the power to clean

    Deep cleaning, high powered equipment allows us to clean a wide variety of situations

    High Pressure Jetting:

    • Flagstones
    • Driveways
    • Patios
    • Paths
    • Playgrounds

    High Pressure Spray Bar:

    • Car Parks
    • Tennis Courts (tarmac)
    • Sports Halls
  • Additional Services

    Additional Services

    Total Drainage Services

    Smiths Drains Services is a complete service provider. Our capabilities encompass the whole life of a drainage system including:

    Full Bore Structural Lining

    • 100mm to 600mm pipework
    • Localised patch repairs possible

    Leak Curing

    • Resin injection
    • Duct sealing

    Root Cutting

    • Hydro cutting for small root systems
    • Mechanical cutting for more substantial systems

    Drain Line Tracing

    • Sonde and Deep Sonde tracing (over 6m deep)
    • Engineering drawings with all levels
    • CCTV support if required

    Bio-Digester and Rain Water Harvesting

    • Installation of systems
    • Maintenance of systems

    Tankered Waste Solutions (Certified Waste Carrier)

    • Septic tanks
    • Fuel/ oil interceptors emptied and serviced
    • Grease traps
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